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This update will cover 2nd March to 15 and this will be #4 and if you have missed any of previous let me know and I can send them to you.

The last 12 days have been filled with lots of work, time, phone calls, appointments, visits to many groups and schools, churches, communities and anyone who would stop and listen to my story which is THE ROTARY STORY and also the story of WHO, UNICEF, PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTMENTS, CDC and thousands of NGO’s worldwide the story is the same as well.

But my story needs to be told to a whole cross section of people that are educated and receptive yet many others do not know about or even respect the germ theory.

Some examples in the last couple week will be of interest to you.

NOT IN MY BACKYARD as we know human nature is similar many ways no matter location, culture and era and I am finding that the adults are very keen on wanting their kids to learn new health habits but they are tied to the their old ways.

The teachers at the schools still would like their pit latrines even as they say to the kids you must use the new toilets  so you will not pollute the ground water and yes you need to aim forward with your urine and backward for you feces because that will prevent disease and save lives.

As you would guess those words are not persuasive at all as their action holler loudly otherwise. The adults and teachers are using the same we have done for generation flush it down and forget it and the pit latrine user groups are doing the same.


On my own without an invitation from a school but with recommendation of others two days ago I went to a school that had no water, sanitation or teaching about healthy living.

This school seemed miles away and the homes were semi-permanent at best and far from being fancy even for here. There were 3000 resident in area of the school and they all lived on an old swamp land with some drainage ditches around to keep their feet somewhat dry unless heavy rain comes which is rather frequent.

The story is everyone had a pit latrine.

They admitted that their pits were full of water all the time.

The school did not have any working latrines so the obvious question is “where do the kids go for bathroom needs?”

In a manner of “what do you expect answer” he waved his arm toward the woods and the coffee fields and did not seem to think that was a problem?

SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? Infections, infections, and infections are the Problems.

My immediate response was to go to another school at that moment and I was not mad the hurdle seems too high for them to clear.

In two years we can have examples of success and workable solution with other schools.

Then maybe they will ask us to come to help them with their know problem not what I told them was their problem.


EVERY ONE WANTS CLEAN WATER THAT COMES IN A BIG GREEN PLASTIC TANK that is donated by some “do-gooder” or group.

Clean Water is the carrot to get change. They need to see something in all this for them now not in the remote future or even next year but NOW

When I talk to them about hand washing and proper toilets and waste management they have no idea why I am talking about that when all they want is clean water.

Then all will be well.  This is my (our) difficult task to teach them water is the minor problem but important while dirty hands and bad toilets and poor waste management is most important

THE FLUSH TOILET PLAGUE There are two schools that are ahead of other schools trying to bring health to their students by water and sanitation however the western world flush toilet seemed like a good thing for them to do.

Thus they took the cleanest water they had from their rainwater harvest from there very nice galvanized roof and their green plastic tank and put in flush toilets to get rid of the waste.

Now the best water for drinking has made a very expensive “pit latrine and loss of ½ of their clean water” as both the septic tanks and drain fields are in the high water table

We are not doing a current project with these schools but are working with them and teaching them better ways to get their desired results

GOSPEL of Sanitation and Water is being proclaimed:

 Doctor Hand Wash and his twin Doctor Poop & Pee are a real effective team and their reputation hopefully will spread like a cure for the disease from dirty hands and high water table pit latrines.

Twenty Five talks and presentation for various groups small and large have heard this Gospel of life and health and many more presentation will happen in the next 3 weeks

It is now Sunday the 15th here and two more presentation today at the local Catholic Church before the service waiting for the itinerant priest of 13 village outpost to come was my first one for the day with good give and take and explained in pidgin and talk place (one of 800 dialects).

At the end of the service some 3.5 hours later I gave a 3 min animated passionate presentation of wash your hands with soap use proper toilets and good waste management then and only then think about clean water



I will pick out two schools this week for 2015 Rotary Papua New Guinea Madan Water & Sanitation Project and 2 others school as funds are donated made available and they will be inline

This will include gutters, down spouts, 9000 Liter tanks, water distribution pipes and taps, sanitation/water curriculum and instruction, hand wash stations multiple, UDDT toilets where urine and feces are separated and both are used for organic fertilizer with careful waste management programs to increase production of food and crops



Thousands of square meters of metal roofs for rainwater harvest will gather and disperse up to 54,000 liters of clean potable water quickly. Even more tanks and roofs can be added if necessary for more potable water

Super progress is being made on major installation of rainwater harvest and catchment supply to community centers to serve hundreds of people and will be models for other groups and communities.

In addition to potable water there will be direct source of river water that will parallel the reticulation of potable water from river water 200,000 liter tank for showers, clothes washing station. If necessary this could also be used  for  hand wash station if there is a paucity of potable water

More important is that this will all be coupled with hand wash stations, UDDT toilets, clothes washing facilities, clean water distribution, showers, and waste management and demonstration for organic fertilizers from urine and feces to increase economic production of gardens and crops.

These centers, separate women’s and men’s will serve as social and education area and provide safety for women who otherwise would need to go to remote areas putting themselves at risk for attacks

A membrane filter system for river water will be added later so will have backup when  there are rare drought times…tonight as I write this we are more in the drowning cycle

Water is critical for life but this is a very excessive “blessing” and in a word ridiculous if you don’t mind an unrequested opinion.

Personally doing well, home cooking is great but boring same every day with good variety of fresh vegetables and fruits. The vegetables are cooked in large quantities so I usually get 6 meals and it is amazing how good they are with olive oil, soy sauce and other spices used generously. About once a week break out the tuna for my gourmet meals.

My ankles are great but need walking stick when I am in hurry and doing hills.

Since my last note to you I have had a granddaughter have her 16th birthday, Lydia our oldest grandchild and oldest daughter of LD and Lizzie and surprise of surprises I called her on Skype and was the happiest part of my day. Fifty percent success is often good however as I forgot my youngest granddaughter’s Naomi’s on the 11th until I saw it on Facebook and she turned 2 years but I promise next year and ever subsequent year I will not forget Naomi Jean as she has allowed us to have a perfect 10 grandkids she belongs to Bethany and Beau.

We will not talk about Valentine’s Day will we? No we won’t!

Great quote for this week is Philippians 4:4 Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say REJOICE.

Larry Hull in PNG

15 March 2015

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