Located in the Sikikalang district in Northern Sumatra is the Wahana Coffee Estate that was established in 2005.  This is far from your normal estate coffee, with elevations reaching nearly 5000 feet and an average of 118 inches of rainfall, along with temperatures ranging around 60-70 degrees rich volcanic soil, this farm is producing a premium and stellar supply of Sumatra coffees.

The farm sits on a total of 468 hectares, 250 for coffee producing, 30 for coffee nursery, 10 for coffee processing and 100 are a natural preserve that is used for growing various vegetables, compost facilities and more.  A farm is only as good as the coffee the workers produce and the leadership of this estate understand that and provide a free medical clinic for all the workers along with training of farm management with local growers outside of the estate, in fact, they even purchase a portion of their coffees from these growers, making a strong impact in their community.  Below you will see a list of coffees we have available from this estate and notes on their cupping profiles:


Wahana Longberry

       The Longberry originated in Ethiopia but was transplanted on the farm.  When cupping this coffee my thoughts go to Mocha Java in a cup but with only one bean.  The coffee, when viewed, is long and thin, quite different than the typical coffee bean.


Cup Profile:

Aroma                                   : Clean, Spice in dry grounds,

Flavor                                    : Sweet, almost orangey, citrus type taste

After taste                            : Good body and aftertaste – syrupy

Acidity                                   : sweeter acidity than normal Mandhelings

Body                                      : medium + to full in body -

Overall                                  : low acidity, smooth body, floral aroma with excellent finish


Wahana Rasuna Honey

     Honey processed coffees can truly stand out in a cup, providing an extra sweetness and this coffee definitely does not disappoint.  The mill worked to create a cup that will bring your mouth alive with slight spice, milk chocolate, creamy points, I refer to this coffee as a milk chocolate Milky Way bar.


Cup Profile:

Aroma                                 : Spice, herbal type aroma in dry grounds

Flavor                                  : Herbal, heavier body and balance

After taste                          : Sweet and round

Acidity                                 : clear and sweet

Body                                     : Syrupy

Overall                                 : Spicy, herbal, dark chocolate and complex

Rasuna Natural

Looking to create a natural coffee from the Sumatra region can be a difficult challenge and after much thought and failures, the decision was made to invest in machines to assist in the drying process and keep the coffee processing consistent.  What did that produce?  A natural coffee is stands out in the cup, check out these cupping notes below:


Cup Profile:

Aroma                                  : Good dry aroma of fruit in grounds, slight melon

Flavor                                   : Herbal, Melony,

After taste                           : Good lingering aftertaste /sweet finish

Acidity                                  : Fruity and Sweet

Body                                     : Heavy body and  good depth

Overall                                 : honeydew melon like taste, baking Chocolate type flavor, full bodied

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