Papua New Guinea Purosa

Papua New Guinea Purosa

Papua New Guinea Purosa

Location: Eastern Highlands, Okapa Valley

Location: Eastern Highlands, Okapa Valley

Soil: Volcanic

Altitude: 5100-6900 feet

Type: Typica (Jamaican) and Bourbon

Size: 15/16 Screen

Prep: Water processed

Certifications: Organic

Cupping Notes: Aroma of sweet flower, cinnamon and chocolate, medium to full in body with flavor of caramel, spice and finishing with a cocoa finish


If you have not sat down and enjoyed a cup of fresh roasted Papua New Guinea coffee, you are truly missing out on what of those most unique coffees on the planet.  We talk about partnering with growers and this is one that truly stands out.  The growers knowing they needed a way to get their coffee to market, formed a cooperative known as HOAC.  (Highlands Organic Agriculture Cooperative)  This cooperative has grown to over 2600 small growers, (Families) and have impacted their communities by road improvements, school supplies to the 20 primary schools in the community, support of medical opportunities and formation of women’s support group and education.

Yes, they have improved their coffee also.  It truly is a coffee that transforms communities and am so thankful to have the opportunity to enjoy coffee from this country, whether it be on the Eastern Highlands or the Waghi Valley, this country is quietly becoming a leader in Specialty Coffee and their hard work is being noticed.


This coffee also supports a non-profit that is creating true transformation.  Na Wokabaut ( The non-profit provides support such as medical facilities, water treatment, literacy education for women and more.

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