A coffee origin still being discovered is Papua New Guinea.  The coffee is as beautiful as the landscape with high mountains, lush trees and colorful tribes.  Our Purosa coffee is an exclusive coffee we accessed through Vournas Coffee Trading.  When one sits down to enjoy this coffee, the floral fragrance with a bit of spice covers the senses and entices you into the cup.  The coffee is grown in a remote area, very rural with constant difficulties on getting the coffee to market by a small cooperative of growers.  This is a coffee that every roaster needs to have in their inventory and appreciate.  Here is some additional information including the non-profit we provide a portion of our profits from this region to.

Producer: Puorsa Valley Cooperatve

Varietal: Bourbon, Typica

Altitude: 3000-5000 feet

Harvest Season: Year round but peak is in April to September

Processing: Washed

Cup Profile: Floral aroma, hints of spice with flavors of cocoa, sweet rich caramel, floral and a bit of spice.

Non Profit: Na Wokabaut (http://www.nawokabaut.org/index.html) The non provides support such as medical facilities, water treatment, literacy education for women and more.

We are out of Guat Dulce for the season, Have another Guat to replace it called todos santos to replace it
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