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Region: Simalungun (North East of Lake Toba)

Specific Village: Saran Padang Village

Growers: 1200 small growers with an average farm size of 1 Hectare

Elevation: 4000 feet

Varietal: Ateng

Process: Wet Hulled/Triple Picked

Cupping Notes: Bold body, molasses coating and brown sugar sweet, layers of bittersweet chocolate and hints of cedar

This unique Sumatra coffee come from the Saran Padang Village in the Simulungun region of Sumatra, North East of Lake Toba in the northern area of Sumatra, near Aceh. The mill works directly with the growers to establish a focus on quality and receiving a premium when accomplished. As it is in many other parts of the coffee world, growers need immediate resources and in this case, the mill provides not only immediate resources but education on growing practices.

Missions Focus
The growers in this region, are paid a "fair wage" for their coffee and through our partnership, taught to improve the quality of their coffee and it shows in each cup that is roasted.  We also have a team that has formed of coffee experts who will be returning this August to work alongside the growers in both this region and in Central and Northern Sumatra, with their goal of not only to help produce better coffee but also to show the gospel both verbally and physically.  Directly, a portion of our profits of this coffee goes to support a local coffee shop and ministry on the island of Java that is owned by Indonesian Christians who are actively sharing the gospel, currently they are purchasing roasted coffee from a local roaster but we are working to provide them with a small roaster so that they can be more sustainable and control their quality.

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