Spelling Bee or Smelling Pee and Poo

Spelling Bee or Smelling Pee and Poo

I missed the Spelling Bee sponsored as a fund raiser by my local Centralia, Washington Rotary Club as I am actively Smelling Pee and Poo and spending some Rotary International and Centralia Rotary Club money with their Rotary Global Grant Water & Sanitation Project in Papua New Guinea.

Thanks Centralia Rotary and 1000’s of Rotary Clubs and members around the world for doing the fun and hard work of rising funds so infections will be prevented and lives will be saved….so keep spelling Centralia Rotary Club.

What has been done in last 6 weeks while here with 12 days left?

Lots has been attempted/started/decided/reviewed/repeated/completed/changed

Days of work in every category above  and I have been encouraged by the Words of Hudson Taylor a well know Missionary to China stated the Work of God has three Stages: Impossible, Difficult and Done and I have learned in this Rotary project that impossible is an often familiar feeling and difficult is nearly a constant sensation and fortunately DONE is happening

Spending repeated hours making lists not just twice but many times for materials for schools and plantation water & sanitation and for community centers these jobs are the least favorite as never done in one day. We would go to 3 places and leaving the entire request and then complete the circle and hope can then go to first and pick finished bid and then complete the circle. IT NEVER WORKS THAT way and fact one place had to go 4 different days to find they could not find it at all. Oh the joys that Lowes or Home Depot would bring  to an inpatient man in his mid-70’s

Changes have been made that we now have a much better Urine Diversion Dehydration Toilet (UDDT) seat than last year and in time we will hope to update the first 4 schools. We are delighted that we now have an easier one to use and clean toilet to offer to schools and community centers

I have learned that Church Schools are so much easier to work with than Community Schools and I am at a point that I will almost avoid the community schools as there is less consistent and concerned leadership. Community schools I have worked with appear to be less passionate about providing the highest level of academic training for their students. There is usually a board of concerned people in Church Schools to talk to and get them to move forward…not so obvious in community schools.

I have attempted to have simple and focused plans for all the groups and people I talk to and encourage them to make small changes that will really provide dramatic improvements in health of their family and children.

PREVENT DISEASE is our focus and mantra and treat disease if prevention fails.

 I spent my professional Orthopaedic career treating disease and trauma so this is new for me and very satisfying to know I have a small role to keep kids well and alive.

Construction is new for The Rotary Global Grant sponsored by Centralia Washington Rotary Club and Rotary International.

Happy  Days are being enjoyed as we begin the Papua New Guinea Madan Water & Sanitation Project but this has only heightened my work and responsibilities (Global Grant 1419174) if you want to look it up on Rotary International web site and you can donate to Centralia Rotary Club or to our nonprofit  and we will forward to Centralia


This was spear headed by Barbara Greatwood and Lance Fletcher of Centralia Rotary

Therefore it is now forward, upward and beyond

Starting with water catchment from large metal roofed buildings that will harvest the water and send it to two community compounds and will provide water for 4,000 including plantation workers and  people in the immediate area for a nominal fee 5 cents a liter (quart)

Started this last week with some real plantation work going out in the plantation and asking, suggesting and mostly learning from people who have been doing coffee work for years.

The Beaumont Fukunaga Vertical pruning technique of stumping every 4th row each year is working great.

One row of old trees was cut off at PNG knee height only 7 months ago and we now have 3 or 4 strong stalks on each stump each growing and will have  30 -40% of them  with moderate production.

A coffee tree branch only produces well for 3 to 4 years so in 4 years we will have only “new” trees, well really new branches on old but strong root system. This pruning system comes from Hawaii but has spread some.

New also is Castillo coffee plants that are now 13 months old are producing this year and this is exciting to see and learn how they work on our farm.

New women’s slashing crew has been added to the usual male only workers and they are the best.

Slashing is the cutting down of the grass/weeds which competes with the coffee trees for nutrients so we do not need to use herbicides (my term poisons) and the slashed grass is good mulch and becomes organic fertilizer.

More women will be hired for sure and it is fun to hear them singing at times as they go down their rows I assume in rhythm.

I think I got a great picture of them with me as I wanted people to recognize how special the PNG women are.

I took a miracle to church with me last Sunday:  

This was new and since then I have taken the miracle with me every time I can find anyone who will listen to me…so far no one is running away from me.

Probably a good thing I am leaving in 5 day before my popularity dwindles. I can only imagine what they think when I tell them I brought a miracle with me.

I tell them you can cut the illness and diseases 45% if you will just use my miracle several times every day. Does that sound like snake oil or not?

Especially they must use it after going to toilet, before you eat, before you prepare the food, after you have been around a crowd of people and have been greeting people with handshakes, after you touch many objects animals or feeding and carry of animals especially pigs

That  is when I take my miracle out of my bag and show them a bar of soap and tell them how to use it and demonstrate my miracle to every one

I bring pictures of how to make a hand wash station at their house for no cost save for string, empty bottle or container and a few pennies for bar of soap

45% decrease of illness for a few pennies IS A MIRACLE!!!

This is my story and I am sticking with it

Some inspiration this week for me:

From the book Liturgy for ordinary Radicals a great daily book for anyone with a spiritual journey and we all do in pursuit of mental and spiritual health. “Teach us, Lord, every day: the duty of delight.”

The second one was in the book Chasing Francis “Life holds only one tragedy, ultimately: not to have been a Saint” Charles Peguy found on page 11 for my Kindle at least

Larry D. Hull from PNG with love and prayers on my next trip come and join me and enjoy the adventure we could use your help we will keep the light on and lock the doors at night for you!

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